Our projects:

Our projects:

"Reading is a wonderful way

to think."


Lew Nikolajewitsch Tolstoi



Information is captured in media.


It always needs to be available whenever

it is required.


It needs to be updated as efficiently as


"The best teacher is the one

who gradually becomes


George Orwell

People continually need to keep

re-educating themselves in order to

be able to face constantly changing

basic conditions.


Further education is an investment and

it needs to pay off.

"The secret of success is

to understand the other's
point of view."


Henry Ford


Projects in human resources development

should be individual, flexible with regard

to time, state-of-the-art, of high quality,

measurable in terms of effectiveness

and cost-efficient.

"You really helped us and

we would just like to say

thank you for that."


(Deutsche Telekom AG)

Our projects:

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is most

adaptable to change."


Charles Darwin




Basic conditions can change and require



Necessary changes should be accepted

quickly, anchored in practice and



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We are convinced ...






... that a change is only successful when the daily routines of individuals and of the organization have changed.


... that the process of change repeatedly

requires internal and external incentives.


... that change is a continuous and

unspectacular process which can be

observed and measured and which

generates continuous success.

As a partner, we support our customers to plan and imple-

ment their change projects.



In doing so, we always begin with the

individual circumstances of the customers and build on what already exists.


We can take on any part of a project but

can also take over control and respon-

sibility for the entire project.

Introduction of a new software
Restructuring within the organisation
Attitude change

Web-based training / online training / e-learning,
online portals, presentations, advertising media,
training documents, documentation

Training on the topics of "leadership", "sales", "change"
Consultation and coaching for management
Moderation of meetings
Management of customer projects

We assume that ...






... electronic and print media coexist

equally in the present day.


... the content, aims and audience deter-

mine the form of the medium.


... different media which build upon each

other create the greatest effectiveness.

As a partner, we support our customers to plan and imple-

ment electronic and print







We can take over any part of a project

as well as complete the entire concept-

ualisation and production "from a single


Our experience teaches us

that ...



... people learn the most from the people

who approach them as individuals.


... the process of learning takes place on

the rational and emotional levels equally.


... people can only put what they have

learned into practice if they personally

want to achieve this.

As a partner, we support our

customers in the concept-

ualisation and implemen-

tation of training events




Our training, coaching and consultation

projects are exclusively customtailored

to meet each customer's specific needs.


We work at your location or online via

the Internet.


Each of our events contains specialised

topics as well as any necessary

behaviour-orientated components.

Our philosophy




Our interests are the interests of our



Behind each customer, we see the indi-

vidual who needs our support.


We build on what already exists and work

together with you in order to search for

the best way to achieve new goals.

Our way of working





We use an extensive pool of free-lance

specialists with the required expertise.


Achieving the targets of our customers

is our quality standard.


We can carry out our projects in German, English, Russian and Bulgarian.

"WOW, Fantastic, thank a lot.

It looks excellent."





(DPDHL Group)

"Thank you very much to

you and your team for your

patience and the outstanding



(BSH Hausgeräte GmbH)